Letter from the Director

Moral Purpose is found in acting in mutually beneficial ways to others and yourself, treating each and every person of any age, gender, race, as yourself with respect, dignity, kindness, generosity, and grace.

Since the 1960’s there has been a steady decline in efforts to systematically teach character in public schools.  There has been a corresponding increase in the prevalence of antisocial behaviors and the lack of development of positive character traits among our children and youth.  Character education is as important in today’s society as it has always been.

In the wake of recent tragic incidents, such as school shootings, I joined with a group of like-minded educators to form the Functional Approach to Character Education (FACE) Project.  Our group shares a concern about the lack of character education in our schools and a common goal to create ethical, caring Pre-K-5th grade children.  This concern led us to develop an elementary school curriculum with lesson plans that integrate with the Virginia Standards of Learning.  Additionally, the FACE Project has begun developing character education curriculum for middle and high schools.

Our mission is to encourage positive character development and mutually beneficial socialization throughout schools. Since its inception in 2002, we are proud to report that the FACE Project has been implemented in 12 school divisions and has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 students.  The FACE Project, its board members, and staff believe that character education for young children is critical to their future success and to a humane society.

If you are interested in implementing the FACE Project curriculum in your school please contact me at the phone number or email address below.  We also welcome any donations to our program that you can offer.


Daniel Price, Psy.D.