Surveys and Assessments


The FACE Project offers elementary schools with the opportunity to access and implement a comprehensive character education curriculum for students in grades Pre-K thru 5th grade.  The FACE Project is a not for profit organization that is supported by individual as well as corporate sponsors.  In order for the FACE Project to continue to partner with schools, we need to accurately report the effectiveness of the program and meet the changing needs of school communities.  To this end, elementary school administrators, counselors, and teachers who implement the FACE Project Curriculum are asked to complete a Fall Survey, End of the Year Survey, and Lesson Assessments.  All surveys and assessments are confidential and can be easily accessed below.  Please complete a Lesson Assessment after each lesson you deliver.

Thank you for partnering with the FACE Project.  We look forward to the coming school year!

FACE Project: Fall Administrator Survey

FACE Project: Fall Counselor Survey

FACE Project: Fall Parent Survey

FACE Project: Fall Teacher Survey

FACE Project: Character Lesson Assessments