In addition to providing active schools with Pre-K through 5th grade character education lessons, the FACE Project assigns a licensed school counselor and/or education specialist to assist each school throughout the academic year.  The FACE Project Program Coordinator is dedicated to supporting counselors, teachers, and administrators in the implementation of the FACE Project curriculum. FACE Project Program Coordinators are available to conduct a comprehensive training program for teachers and guidance counselors, demonstrate how to use the FACE curriculum effectively, and identify ways to support the emotional and social development of the school community.  School staff development training is composed of three key elements: school wide in-service, individual consultations and small group meetings, and classroom support.

School wide In-service:

  • Overview of the research and theoretical frameworks of FACE’s character education
  • Understanding the significance of character education
  • Project mission and goals
  • Student objectives
  • Familiarization with lesson plan manuals/trainer modeling of lessons
  • Practical applications for facilitating FACE in the classroom

Individual consultations and small group meetings:

  • Discuss the needs of the school community and faculty
  • Evaluate ways the FACE Project can support school counselors and teachers
  • Tailor fit a program to meet the school’s needs
  • Identify ways to deliver a school-wide character education program
  • Support the implementation of the FACE Project Curriculum.

Classroom support:

FACE Project Program Coordinators are available to support teachers and counselors by assisting in the classroom, conducting extension activities and providing valuable feedback.  A FACE Project licensed and/or experienced education professional will meet with active school faculty prior to a lesson to discuss teacher/counselor concerns and determine specific goals for the lesson and overall curriculum.  If requested by the active school professional, additional meetings can be arranged to discuss feedback and suggestions for future goals.  The relationship between schools and the FACE Project Coordinator is offered throughout the year and intended to be collaborative and supportive.

Interested in implementing the FACE Project curriculum at your school? The FACE Project curriculum is available at a low or no cost thanks to the generosity of our donors.  There may be discounts for your area so please contact our Chairman, Dan Price, at, to discuss your needs.