We recognize that in this era of budget cuts and increased instructional demands, limited resources may make adopting and implementing new programs seem prohibitive. The true cost of the FACE Project’s Character Education Toolkit, including lessons and professional development services, is approximately $3,000 per elementary school. However, the FACE Project works in tandem with partner schools to cover these costs through a combination of foundation grants, community fundraisers and resource-sharing strategies. An electronic only version of both the Teacher and Counselor Curriculums can be provided at little or no cost to schools. The FACE Project’s primary mission is to make character education available to all schools regardless of budgetary constraints. Contact us to discuss how we can help you adopt FACE in your school.

Each FACE Project Character Education Toolkit contains the following materials:

  1. Teacher lessons, Grades PreK-5th: Thirty –eight weekly lesson plans for each grade
    • One set of printed binders for each grade level
    • Electronic copies of all lessons, handouts and Smart Board/Promethean Board presentation
    • One set of all supplemental children’s books to accompany lessons
  2. Counselor lessons, Grades PreK-5th: Twenty lessons for each grade
    • One printed binder includes all grade level lessons PreK-5th
    • Electronic copies of all lessons and handouts
    • One set of all supplemental children’s books to accompany lessons
  3. Evaluation Materials
    •  Pre- and Post- surveys to identify behavioral trends among students within the classroom, and so forth
    • Evaluation of each individual lesson via survey monkey or email, as preferred

If you are interested in bringing the FACE Project’s innovative character education program to your school or organization, please contact Dr. Dan Price at